Easy pen work designs

Here are are some easy pen work designs that I have done.  They are simple designs and very easy for any inexperienced porcelain painter to do.  The design is first penned on and then fired.  After this colour is applied to the design.

Easy Pen & Wash Rose Design

Easy Pen & Wash Rose Design


Easy Pen & Wash Coffee Mug Design

On the edge of this plate with the Grape Design, I applied colour to the outer rim and then using a rubber stamp, I pressed the clean dry stamp onto the wet paint to leave an imprint of the leaf.  I found that the stamp needs to be wiped clean of any excess paint that it collected after each stamping.  It is best to practise this process on a tile first to get the feel of how to do it.

Easy pen & Wash Grape Design

Easy pen & Wash Grape Design


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Lustre designs

Working with lustre is always very fascinating as you never know what the finished item is going to look like.  At first I had a fear of using lustre, but with more experience, I found that it is a most interesting medium to work with.

More work using lustre can be found on this website.

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